Customizing your site

You can change the layout, fonts, and colors of your site, and make it unique with just a few clicks.

On the Design section you will find the following options:


In good web design, content comes first. That’s why it’s the first tab you’ll find. Here you can change the basic information of your site, define the navigation, links, and the content of your home page, among other things.

You can preview your changes instantly on the site preview on the right of the screen.


Here you can customize the layout of your home, blog, and post pages.

For the most part, the home layout will automatically adapt to the content you define in the Content tab, but you can still customize it according to your preferences.

For the blog, you can choose from a list layout, a feed layout (where the posts are displayed inline), or from a grid layout (ideal if all of your posts have images).


The fonts you use have a big impact on the look and feel of your site. Here you can now choose from a curated set of premium fonts and match your brand or personality.

You can set different fonts for the base content, main text, and headings. After choosing a base font, only compatible fonts appear for text and headings so you can be sure that any pairings you choose work well together.


Finally, you can customize the colors of your site. You can change the background, accent, and text colors, either choosing from one of the preset colors or setting custom ones.